Smart Humidor

We turn our humidors in a digital platform to directly engage consumers.

Incorporating the use of new technologies we have developed a new concept of humidor

We create the physical product and a digital platform together, incorporating a connectivity technology in our humidors.

By scanning NFC tag located in the humidor with their mobile, the end consumer will be able to access a new world of digital experiences. Use our Smart humidor to deliver exclusive, branded mobile content and enable new sales opportunities directly to consumers, encouraging the sale, reorders or related purchases.

The user

Through our Smart Humidor, we provide the opportunity to engage your consumers across their mobile devices.

As a result, providing a direct digital and ON-GOING experience. Use this content channel for:

Access to shop on line

Tap to re-order

Special promotions and offers activation

Interactive content; Spotify, youtube, etc.

New release announcements

Company news

Social media integration

Product description and pairings

Through HGTAG platform, YOU can MANAGE humidor digital experience content, and build company value by collecting consumer patterns and activity.

Made in okume solid wood, smart humidor include

Okume wood cubes with ventilated lids.

1 SMART TAG with shortcut to online shop for humidity pack and other accesoriees purchasing.

Rewritable strain SMART TAG labels

2 keys

1 humidity pack

Strain smart tag

Consumers will be also able to use NFC technology to manage the contents of their humidors.

Using HGTAG App with their mobile devices, consumers will able to write the strain that contained by each compartment.

After writing the strain, only by placing mobile device on the SMART TAG they will access to all strain information (previously registered) such as: description, flavor, effects, etc. View gallery

Rewritable strain SMART TAG To accesss strain information such as description, flavors, effects, etc. 

Smart Tag benefits

Communication channel between brands, shops and final customer.

Obtaining big data

Tap to re-order (directly access to the shop online).

Sales increase

Customer loyalty and engagement

Brand protection and authentication (customized tag).