About FUM

Created to cure and to keep the green in property conditions with the best quality and style.

Experts in full development of customized humidors , packaging and accessories for hemp

FUM is a company born in Barcelona during 2016. As its name indicates, the acronym means smoke in Catalan. Experts in full development of customized humidors , packaging and accessories for hemp.

FUM® mission and vision

To guarantee in a safe, simple and innovative way one of the most important processes in the treatment of hemp, such as the curing, maintenance and storage of the flower. Using the most optimal materials to enhance flavor and fragrance. We incorporate the latest technology and make this process an interactive and unique experience for the user.

Our goal is for FUM to establish itself as the leading brand in humidors in the hemp sector, in the short term in Europe and in the medium term in the USA. In addition to increasing the portfolio with other innovative and unique paraphernalia products.

What FUM® offers

Catalogue of withe label humidors, packaging and smoking accessories.

Full development of customized project for humidors, packaging and smoking accessories.

Smart packaging

Marketing and data platform

FUM® distinction

Innovative designs, the materials we use and the highest quality finishes.

Incorporate the use of new technologies to facilitate the use of our products and to create interactive and dynamic experiences for the user.

Research and development to anticipate the appearance of new needs that may arise in the market.

Test each of our products with the best professionals in the sector to ensure that our products meet the requirements that the user demands.

7 years of experience working in hemp market and the support and infrastructure of HumidifGroup, with 30 years of experience in the tobacco sector with his own factory and design department.

Learn what FUM can do for you

If you are a CBD or hemp brand, wholesaler, dispensary or shop of hemp products and accesories.