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The Unique worldwide expert in hemp accessories and innovative packaging full development.

Customized Packaging & Accessories for Your Brand

With the support and resources from our production facilities, together with the skill of our expert design team, we are able to provide am integral service from the design and development of a product idea, to the production, logistics management and commercial support.

Briefing & Marketing Strategy

Design & Product Development

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With over 30 years of experience, we have developed a specialized diversification.
This product and material diversification gives us the opportunity to develop a great variety of custom and unique articles for each of our clients. In every project, and every design, we strive to apply this specialized diversification while always adhering to each clients needs.

Humidors & Accessories

Our design, engineering, and production services handle most commercially available materials for your custom packaging with your brand logo.

Wood humidors


Why Fum humidors

We are experts in hemp humidor development. Our humidors are unique and specially designed to create and keep inside the optimum humidity and air circulation conditions, for the the best curing and maintenance of hemp. Made in okume wood, the only wood that allows to preserve optimal conditions to enhance the essence and faculties of the hemp flower.

Made in okume Wood

Properly humidity and air circulation parameters

Functional and innovative designs

Use the new connecting technologies

Many years of experience making humidors and working on the hemp industry endorse us. Including new connecting technologies we have created a unique experience for the users. Our humidors are the preferred for the hemp connoisseurs.

The FUM 360° Experience

The unique worlwide expert in canabis accesories and experimental packaging full developement

Happy clients

FUM have developed a really nice design of luxury humidors. It help us to push up the image and confidence of our dispensaries. But the most important, it help us to preserve the best qualities and skills of every strain and varieties of flowers.

Fernando Lopez
Co founder and Owner of AFM and ACV dispensaries.

The best way for curing step and to keep safety the CBD flower and terpenes.

Jesus Mayol
CEO of Terpescience.