Smart Packaging

Our fully integrated and connected packaging solution allows to turn your product into a digital platform for product authentication and consumer engagement

How it works?

We incorporate NFC technology into our products through tags. These tags contain a chip where the information of the digital experience is stored. 

This information may be managed through our HTAG platform, through which customer interactions with the product and its associated campaigns can also be measured.

What are the benefits of HG Smart Packaging?

Brand differentation

Brand protection Allow your consumers to confirm and validate your products as authentic and untampered, through our NFC a codified custom link system.

Creation of a direct communication channel of the hemp brand with the final consumer.

Tap to Reorder Allow consumers to easily scan and tap to reorder your products.

Customer loyalty

Product Ratings Allow your clients to rate your products or add your ratings to your digital experience.

Obtaining big data from the final consumer and their interaction with your product and brand.

What is the digital experience?

It is the dynamic web that consumers can access by just placing a mobile device on the product.

What can be included in the digital experiences?

The end consumer will be able to enjoy many experiences offered by the tobacco brand:

Product authentication and traceability

Social media integration

Temporary activation of marketing campaigns.

Interactive content: videos, play lists, augmented reality, virtual reality, etc.

Ratings activation

Temporary activation of offers.

User guides and product recommendations

Extended product information, tasting notes, effects, etc ...

Customer feedback and valorations

Fidelazation program

Tap to reorder

*All these applications can be managed agilely by our clients through our platform using pre-defined custom templates.

How to interact with the products?

In addition to the NFC function already incorporated in smartphones, we have developed our own NFC scanning app, HGTAG APP.

This app connects smart products with the digital experience, and will allow product authentication as well as the visualization of augmented reality and virtual reality.

Available for iOS and Android.

Secured packaging & product authentication

Adding in your products our Smart Secure Tag will allow the final customer confirm that the original packaging has not been opened while in route to the desired end location or retail store. Our smart tags can also include the most secure authentication system in the market.

Through a codified custom link, our Smart Packaging Authentication System will allow consumers to confirm and validate product authentication and its traceability.

The NFC tag can be hidden in the packaging cap or in the back of the sticker designed to incorporate the brand’s logo and CTA.

Tap to deal/ tap for reorder

With our Smart Tag your customer only placing mobile device in your product will have direct access to online store to buy the product again or enjoy an exclusive deal.

These stickers would be placed in the jar cap.

Digital experience

Product dynamic web design example


Through our HGTag platform, You can manage product information, and build company value measuring customer and products interactions, and collecting pre and post sale patterns and activity.

Back Office Examples

Happy clients

FUM have developed a really nice design of luxury humidors. It help us to push up the image and confidence of our dispensaries. But the most important, it help us to preserve the best qualities and skills of every strain and varieties of flowers.

Fernando Lopez
Co founder and Owner of AFM and ACV dispensaries.

The best way for curing step and to keep safety the CBD flower and terpenes.

Jesus Mayol
CEO of Terpescience.